BIG Thanks!

For your contributions in the developement phase of Eye under the Sea:

- Peter Crowley - Pomstar, Lismore

- Chris Fletcher -Earth Touch

- National Geographic TI, UK

- Michael Balson - Filmmaker/Editor

- John Weiley - 3D Imax Filmmaker

- Richard Mordaunt- Filmmaker

- Claire Jager - Screen Australia

- Tina Dalton - Content Mint Production

- Sophie d'Huy and Jacob Zinman- Jeanes - Editing & Graphic Design

- Vea A Pohue-Vermeend &Edie Bartley music show-reel

- All those who have kindly donated so we can keep developing the project





Thanks for your contributions in the earlier phases of the Project


Please check here for the current team

Eye under the Sea is supported by National Geographic, Screen Australia, Screen NSW and X|Media|Lab 
The project is listed at the Documentary Australia Foundation and has a tax deductible status in Australia.Thanks for your support!


We like to express our gratitude to all the people who have worked on the earlier stages of The Eye under the Sea Project.

Your professional and creative contributions have been valuable and are greatly appreciated in the making of this ambitious and vast project.

David Doubilet about Eye under the Sea: 'It is admirable and ambitious and most of al interesting. I would be happy and honored to assist you with your endeavors!'


earlier contributors

earier contributors

earlier contributors

earlier contributors

earlier contributors