Gaming Platform | Multi-Media

  • Our research for Eye under the Sea has provided us with a vast database and an extensive network. The work of Dr. Jane McGonogal inspired us to translate this information into a gaming environment, incorporating the science of positive psychology. We intend to highlight the ocean’s plight by embedding immersive educational digital experiences (DE) into a new gaming layer in the primary database ofGoogle Earth.
  • We are initially generating these DE’s, but will zprovide the means for them to be user generated employing an android API and template specific raw material (i.e. storyline, geo location, graphics, characters, etc.). In addition much of the raw data can be sourced from Google Earth itself (e.g. Dive Spots, Shipwrecks, Ocean expeditions, info from State of the Ocean etc). In effect we will curate by combining existing contributions with relevant information provided to us by underwater image makers, marine scientists and other sources.
  • We will be forming partnerships with various groups, such as: diving organisations (e.g. Wanna Dive, WorldDivr, PADI & others), marine scientists and other marine professionals (the underwater glitterati that appear in our series e.g. Dr Sylvia Earle, Alexandra Cousteau, Ron & Valery Taylor, Howard & Michelle Hall, Dr Bob Ballard, Graham Hawkes, David Doubilet, James Cameron, Prof. David Gallo and many others), game/animation makers (Gameful, tertiary animation courses, freelance animators, etc) and sustainably operating companies that will provide incentives. Each group will have its own web portal that facilitates their specific contributions. We strife to maximize the participation of each group by creating suitable incentives, but the base line focus of this virtual problem solving is to accommodate real and positive changes.



Photo© Mariani Vermeend 

  • The game layer can be accessed by players directly through Google Earth or through an Eye under the Sea web portal embedded with territorial curricula templates. This will be promoted to secondary education institutions throughout the world (Anne Chesher, a member of our team is specialized in this). It will allow teachers worldwide to effectively utilize this resource in synch with current self-learning trends incorporating IT. The accompanying TV series, will have the Ocean in Google resource embedded in the storyline providing worldwide promotion. We will further promote this resource at scientific, film and multimedia conferences, placing the Google brand in most favorable light at these functions.
  • We believe by creatively engaging the younger generation with the ocean’s mesmerizing beauty, it’s vital importance to life and the current dilemmas threatening it’s survival, we can inspire and motivate them to bring about real change.