- Local pre-sale = australian broadcaster
- OS presales = overseas presales (broadcasters and distributors)          
- Alt Funding = alternative funding (corporate, foundation & individual)
- Prod Offset = loan against the producers offset.




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Get involved - help fund Eye under the Sea

We invite your participation in bringing this important story of the ocean to the world. All donationsabove $250, by individuals, charities, foundations or companies made via the Documentary Australia Foundation - listed as' Eye under the Sea Project' are fully tax deductible.

The steps to make a grant to Eye under the Sea via the Documentary Australia Foundation

1: Click on 'Donate to this Film

2: Fill in your details on the template provided and the amount - Tick the option that you are not related to the film makers you intent to give.

3: For grantmakers Faq please click this link: Australia Foundation grant-makers page

If you would like to make a tax deductible gift now, via the Documentary Australia Foundation, please CLICK THIS LINK for Eye under the Sea at Documentary Australia Foundation Documentary Australia Foundation and follow the above steps


For smaller donations than $250, or if you are not concerned about your gift being tax deductible, please use the PayPal button below.

Your donation will go directly into Rapture Productions Pty Ltd account. <



This site is designed to provide general information on the Eye Under The Sea project. For our detailed budget, finance strategy and letters of interest from broadcasters and distributors, please contact us