Photo© JM Ghislian | Model Hanlii Prinsloo 


The Eye under the Sea Project

Based on the untold Revolution of Underwater Media

'From our fear for the unknown Hollywood created the monsters of the deep.

And also transformed our fear into fascination with the ocean's treasures.

But man kills the thing he loves......

Can the eye under the sea help save us from the abyss?'


  1. Feature Film: 'From behind the Mask'. The dramatic story of a troubled teenage girl who inherits her grandfather's spoken diaries, taking her on ocean adventures that transform her into a woman who wants to save the world

  2. Documentary series: A continious action adventure experiential documentary series for the general global audience (with flexible programming formats). A journey through many countries, diving into the culture and evolution of underwater media and the dramatic changes it brought to the world. Presented by our Feauture Film actress, using footage of the adventures she filmed in the movie, with preferred narrator Alexandra Cousteau.

  3. Interactive Timeline database: Developed with our IT expert Bronte Wake, this timeline database comprises the untold history of Underwater Photography

  4. Multi-media & Gaming Platform: Educational Gaming Collection – solving virtual missions to inspire actual solutions for the ocean - adapted to the school curriculum in co-operation with our Gaming team. Aiming to create awareness for the state of the ocean - linking the vision of the youngest generation withthe experience of mature experts, intending to find real solutions.

  5. Webisodes: Interactive multi-platform web-site, aiming for the younger audiences, with webisodes series presented by a teenage actor in search of 'why the ocean doesn't look at all like in the movies'.