In 1856 William Thompson lowers a cast iron box with a plate camera to the bottom of Weymouth Bay, little did he know what his pioneering would bring....

In 2013 James Cameron descends with an array of 3D cameras 7 miles deep into the Mariana Trench, only once ever achieved with Bathyscaph Trieste in 1960.

The exposure of the ocean through the Eye of the Camera over the last 150 years: what impact does it have on our lives today - and what future may it reveal.........

Can the Eye under the Sea help save us from the Abyss?


Interactive timeline database coming soon


This digital timeline device is currently being developed by Bronte Wake and Mariani Vermeend. It will be the first time the Untold History of Underwater Media is presented. This is a unique interactive journey throughout the Revoultion of Underwater Media for students, divers, environmentalists, ocean lovers, film and photography passionates, historians, marine scientists and many other professionals and individuals.

Below our first 'sketch' from 2011 '- please be aware the timeline database is extensively developed :)


©mock-up animation by Elka Kerkhofs